Psychiatry Tomorrow

Safeguard Your Ketamine Clinic: Legal Expertise You Need to Know

Episode Summary

Learn how to navigate the legal complexities of ketamine therapy in this enlightening episode of Psychiatry Tomorrow. Legal experts Daniel Sternthal and Ethan Minkin offer invaluable strategies to protect your practice, enhance compliance, and ensure patient safety in the evolving landscape of psychedelic medicine.

Episode Notes

Legal experts Daniel Sternthal and Ethan Minkin explore the legal intricacies surrounding ketamine therapy for psychiatric conditions. They delve into the importance of interdisciplinary respect, the legal challenges and malpractice risks associated with off-label ketamine use, and the vital role of informed consent. The discussion also highlights trends in the ketamine space, including the impact of COVID, private equity involvement, and the emergence of home ketamine therapy. With a focus on safeguarding practitioners through meticulous documentation and adherence to evolving legal standards, this episode is a must-listen for clinicians and legal professionals in the psychedelic medicine space. It wraps up with actionable advice on advocacy, education, and maintaining ethical practice standards to mainstream ketamine therapy safely.